Problems of Everyday Life as a Transgender Person

More than 1.4 million people in the United States identify as transgender. Around 0.7% of adults aged between 18 and 24 and 0.5% of adults aged 65 and above identify as trans. 

Transgender people face lots of challenges in their daily life. That is why many of them go online to look for a partner for love or friendship.

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  1. What Problems do Transgenders Face?

Members of the transgender community face a lot of problems in today’s world. They include:


Due to the high rate of discrimination towards the transgender community, most of them suffer from high rates of education discrimination, unemployment, homelessness, and high rates of poverty. Research revealed that transgender people, especially black people, face three times the normal poverty rate in the general United States population.

Trans individuals experience high rates of harassment and prejudice in the workplace. People judge them on their gender identity instead of the quality of their work. Additionally, they are discriminated against in buying or renting a house due to transphobic property managers and landlords. 

Some health care providers also harbor animus toward trans people and end up delivering suboptimal care. Some may even refuse to see a patient once they know they are transgender. 


Transgender people live in fear since they experience stigmatization and high cases of violence. The government is not doing enough to stop the violation of transgender people’s rights. In 2019, the American Medical Association (AMA) declared violence against trans individuals an epidemic. 

Civil Rights 

Transgender people are just as human as anyone out there. They deserve recognition and respect just like we do. Essentially, this is because most of them have low self-esteem, and their legal needs span different aspects of life. For instance, they face a difficult time when it comes to getting documents to show who they are and protection from workplace discrimination.

Political Problems 

Transgender minorities do not assume significant roles. When the transgender community decided to contest for social responsibility rights, they were not granted a chance by the public. However, despite having few chances of succeeding, there are several cases where a transgender person emerged successful than even individuals with distinctive genders. 

People should give transgender individuals a chance to occupy political power positions. We might end up discovering their hidden potential instead of assuming they cannot be useful.

  • Famous Transgender People Who Made a Furore

Here are some of the examples of trans people who made an impact in the transgender community.

Mianne Bagger, Golfer

Mianne Bagger is a Danish professional golfer who underwent sex reassignment surgery back in 1995 to correct her gender; however, the public still saw her as a boy. She experienced several challenges since the pro golf associations made it clear that women born by birth had the right to compete. This rule eliminated her chances of further exploring her talent. She fought for her rights, and most people found her arguments convincing. She was finally granted a chance to play as the first transgender woman in the Women’s Australian Open on the Ladies’ European Tour.

Hiromasa Ando, Speedboat Racer

Andu was the first transgender woman to dominate the sport of pro speedboat for more than a decade. In 2002, he was announced as a man at the age of 39. His life experience has motivated many in the transgender community to strive and become high-profile people. However, he had to pause his career as he fully transitioned to be a man. Japan’s motorboat racing federation allowed him to continue with his career as a speedboat racer.

Parinya Charoenphol, Boxer

Parinya participated professionally in Thai kickboxing when she was still in her teens. Her true gender is still biologically male, but she had a habit of kissing her opponents before she clocked them. She had a rough childhood as she was constantly discriminated against for her dressing code. According to her, she never believed that females were weak.

These are problems that most transgender people face every day. Online dating provides a safe and clean environment for members of the trans community to connect.

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