problems on the capture tool, a fix should arrive

With the arrival of the Xbox Series X | S, many players want to discover what’s new in consoles. Among them, the addition of the Share button in the middle of the controller was undoubtedly one of the most requested by users. And if the key is perfectly functional and allows us to capture our exploits on the fly, the result is not necessarily what we expected. Indeed, many buyers today complain about the quality of the captures made by the console. Rest assured though, the teams are well aware of this issue and are working to resolve it.

The problem is the same for everyone: the captures made from the consoles are extremely dark. So, of course, pretty much everything has since been attempted by players who have removed HDR, changed the color palette, format discs,…. but nothing helps. And for good reason, the problem of these captures much duller than the display on the TV comes from the console. In any case, this is what Jason Ronald, the main architect of the Xbox Series X | S, suggests on Twitter.


So, in response to a user who pointed out this problem, Jason Ronald clarified that Xbox is currently working on this topic. The technical teams are indeed aware of this failure and should propose a fix soon. For now, we do not yet know the delivery date of the update that will correct this, but it is a safe bet that the wait will not be long.

In the meantime, for those who are equipped with a capture box, it is therefore the preferred solution as it is.

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