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Producer Diego Gvirtz was detained for two days for “car theft” | The confusing episode of the car theft that they say was not

Television producer Diego Gvirtz was detained for two days for theft, after being accused of having taken, from the valet parking, a car of the sister of the owner of the hotel Faena from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Puerto Madero, although today, upon regaining freedom, He assured that it was a confusion and that he had warned that he was taking a rental carPolice sources reported today.

Although it transcended today, the event occurred around 3:30 pm last Wednesday, in the aforementioned five-star hotel where, according to the complaint, Gvirtz told the valet parking clerk that came to collect, with her permission, the car of Claudia Leticia Faena, Alan Faena’s sister, owner of the hotel.

According to sources, Gvirtz thus took the woman’s Honda model WR-V car and was recorded by security cameras that were key to identifying it and then reconstructing the route he made with the vehicle to another five-star hotel, the Four Seasons from 1000 Posadas Street in Retiro, where he left it abandoned in the garage.

The victim made the corresponding complaint to the City Police and so it was that personnel from the Communal Police Station 1 of that force reconstructed the route of the car and recovered it at the Retiro hotel.

Later, while gathering testimonies of what happened, the Police were alerted that Gvirtz had returned to the Faena hotel restaurant and, after the corresponding judicial consultation, stopped him.

The TV producer was arrested under the accusation of “automotive theft” at the disposal of the National Criminal and Correctional Judge 1, Vanesa Peluffo, but this morning he regained his freedom and denied to the press having committed any crime.

“It was a rental car. I was left with no cause. It is rare to report a robbery that was not committed“Said the producer to channel C5N. Gvirtz said that in court “they denied the existence of a crime” and announced that he is going to “initiate a cause” against those who denounced it.

He explained that “the complaint was made by Claudia Faena”, but clarified that “Viviana Favaloro – whose link with the hotel or the victims did not explain – knew that I had not stolen a car and did not tell her. If I had told her, no I would have made the complaint. “

“What crime will there be if the owner has the car?” He asked himself and reiterated: “I told the friend who was at the hotel where she went to look for him”. “It’s all cleared up, nothing happened guys,” he told reporters as he left the police station where he was staying.

“I have no problem with the Faena, I will prosecute them and for justice to be done”, Gvirtz affirmed and added: “It was not a misunderstanding, it was a good understanding. There are people responsible for my being here. For me, two days are important. Every minute is important.


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