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Professor Perronne’s Facebook page suspended … while fake pages remain

The purge on social media continues. This week, Christian Perronne’s Facebook page was suspended, without any notification, while many false pages bearing the image of the professor of medicine remain. Small guided tour.

Professor Perronne’s page had 93,177 very active subscribers on various medical topics related to the Covid-19 crisis.

The page was suspended, however, on social networks subscribers rose up and asked where it went.

Meanwhile, many false accounts of Christian Perronne, reported several times since August 2020, are little removed and there are still some. However, these are fake accounts with identity theft and especially lottery scam ….

But for that Facebook does nothing, and worse, indicates that it does not contradict their standards.

For example, this account, however reported on several occasions:

Or this account, also repeatedly reported:

Christian Perronne declares: “for a year, with an account created for this and linked to my phone, we have requested the blue certification badge dozens of times by sending my identity card”. A robot replies that the page “does not respect the standards” or that “the person is not known”

About Prof. Perronne

Professor Christian Perronne was head of the infectious diseases department at Garches hospital. For 15 years he was a leading public health advisor to several governments. Although the subject of several administrative and legal proceedings, he is still a doctor and remains one of the most recognized specialists in viruses.

Professor Perronne is the author of numerous books on Lyme disease and had been very critical of the management of the health crisis in two books which rose to the top of sales at Amazon.

His first opus was titled: “Was there a mistake they didn’t make?” ”And looked like this:

Shortage of masks, lack of tests, lack of resources in hospitals, wait-and-see committee of experts … Do you think you know what happened? A famous doctor tells how the Covid-19 crisis has been a health disaster. President ? The Prime Minister ? Ministers of Health? The experts ? They didn’t see it coming. More serious: some knew. This fierce and disturbing testimony is a necessary work on all that has not been said.

“An implacable indictment against government policy. ” writing Paris Match

In the sequel, “Decidedly, they still haven’t understood anything! »Christian Perronne persists and signs. After having been sanctioned by the authorities through a discharge in 24 hours of his post of head of department and harassed by his critics, in this new book, Professor Perronne goes further by asking several key questions about the crisis. The book was thus announced:

Why can we no longer debate freely in France, in particular everything relating to public health? How to explain the prolonged survival of incompetent people who make the fight against Covid-19 a spectacle that is sometimes pathetic, sometimes comic? Why does the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, change his mind so often? How far does Big Pharma influence its ministry? By the way, where does this epidemic really come from? Is Chloroquine Really Dangerous? What do the experts think in France but also abroad? A courageous testimony book nourished by precise facts with several dozen pages of references.

Professor Perronne says about the deletion:

“I learned that my facebook page had been suspended during my vacation. This is clearly an extra step to silence dissonant voices when we had nearly 100,000 followers and the posts we made were sourced. “

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