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The Ministry of Finance announced this Friday that, due to problems for pay get bill and pay property tax on the virtual platform, the term to carry out the Procedure with a 10 percent discount, which was initially on May 9, is moved to June 24, 2022.

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Also, the term for the payment of the Tax on vehicles entitled to a 10 percent discount is deferred until July 15, 2022.

The entity had announced on Tuesday that if this Friday the problems that taxpayers had been having to lower the bill and pay the property tax were not resolved, the term to comply with this obligation would be extended again.

“From now until Friday we are going to evaluate if the stabilization of the platform is achieved and if it is possible to solve a series of problems that the citizens have expressed. If it is not possible to solve it, then we are going to modify the tax calendar, to postpone the calendar tax, maintaining the discount,” Ramírez said days ago.

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This was the new tax calendar

With the issuance of resolution 161, the dates of the tax calendar were modified. Here are the new deadlines:

Deadlines to declare and pay the unified property tax: Taxpayers of the unified property tax for taxable year 2022 must declare and pay no later than July 29, 2022.

Payment by installments:
Those who benefit from the Alternative Payment System for Voluntary Fees (SPAC) must file an initial declaration, through any virtual means provided by the Ministry of Finance, before June 10, 2022. They will pay the tax in four installments. the same on the following dates:

– First installment before July 22, 2022.
– Second installment before September 23, 2022.
– Third installment before November 25, 2022.
– Fourth installment before January 20, 2023.

Discount for prompt payment: June 24, 2022.

Tax on motor vehicles: before August 12, 2022.

Discount for prompt payment of tax on motor vehicles:
July 15, 2022.

The Alternative Payment System for Voluntary Fees (SPAC) for non-residential properties in economic sectors affected by the measures decreed to deal with the covid-19 pandemic: taxpayers of the unified property tax, natural or legal person, owners of non-residential properties, whose income has been affected by the measures decreed to deal with the pandemic, may benefit from the SPAC for the 2022 validity and make the payment of the tax in charge, in four installments and must file the initial return before June 10, 2022:

– First installment before February 17, 2023.
– Second installment before April 24, 2023.
– Third installment before June 16, 2023.
– Fourth installment before August 25, 2023.

What about the platform?

About two months ago, the Secretariat had announced the change of the new platform for the payment of taxes in the city, and that this implied registering in the Virtual Office of its website. There was also announcing the postponement of the dates for both property taxes and vehicles.

However, as the first deadline to pay with a 10 percent discount, May 9, has approached, complaints from taxpayers have increased because they cannot create the account and register the email. This, in fact, would be the entity’s new communication channel with all taxpayers.

Given the inconveniences that people have faced, the Ministry of Finance had established last week, on Easter Tuesday, the button ‘Download your invoice now’, which only requires the Chip of the property and the ID number or the NIT of the person (natural or legal).

However, this option, which is considered more expeditious, has not managed to appease the complaints of Bogota citizens who try to enter and lower the property bill.


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