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Propose legal changes to guarantee the rights of medical interns | National

The federal deputy, Lilia Villafuerte Zavala, proposed to reform the General Health Law, to guarantee respect for the rights of interns who provide social services in the health branch.

The modifications establish that the social service of all interns in the health professions will have a maximum duration of six months.

Define the framework of their responsibilities and give greater clarity to the rules for their professional practice, with the aim of avoiding overexploitation, abuse of authority and obstacles to completing their degree process.

That the institutions that receive social service interns must have a Guided Medical Practice and Accompaniment program, approved by the Social Service Committee and the Health Secretariat of the federative entities, in which the functions to be performed by the interns are specified. .

Also an updated inventory of the places to be filled by each intern in the health sector, according to administrative and personnel needs, in order to optimize practical work and the learning process, in addition to a protocol for attention to gender violence.

The deputy of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico, stated that minimum conditions of stay and decent housing must be provided in rural and highly marginalized areas in which interns must attend to provide their service, and a log that will be filled weekly and signed by the director of the corresponding area and the intern in his charge.

Within the scope of its powers, the federative entities must form a State Committee of the Social Service that will evaluate the conditions that guarantee the safety of the interns, that is, a dignified and safe stay, as well as provide them with the necessary security equipment.

In the explanatory statement, this initiative proposes updating the regulatory framework in which the social service is provided, in order to help guarantee the full enjoyment of rights by the interns, in any context in which they develop their activities.

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