News Prosecutor Barr says in an interview that Trump's tweets...

Prosecutor Barr says in an interview that Trump’s tweets make his work “impossible”


The attorney general, William BarrHe said Thursday afternoon that the president’s attacks, Donald Trump, against the Department of Justice they have made it “impossible for me to do my job” and said he would not be pressured or influenced by anyone.

“I can’t do my job here in the Justice Department with recurring comments that undermine me as a backdrop,” Barr said in an interview with ABC, referring to the president’s attacks on the social network Twitter.

“The public statements and tweets made about the Department, about the people in the Department, our men and women here, about the pending cases in the Department and about the judges before whom we have cases make it impossible to do my job and ensure to the courts and the Department that we are doing our work with integrity, “Barr told ABC.

And he added that he was prepared to face the consequences of speaking out against the president.

The attorney general has been at the center of the spotlight since Tuesday for the resignation of four prosecutors who were carrying the case of Trump’s former campaign advisor, Roger Stone, in a dispute over the recommendation of his sentence and the time he should spend in prison.

On Monday, the four prosecutors recommended in a petition in court that Stone be sentenced between seven and nine years in jail. Trump reacted on Twitter on Tuesday disqualifying the decision.

“This is a horrible and very unfair situation,” Trump wrote on his Twitter account, “the real crimes were on the other side, and nothing happens to them. This judicial error cannot be allowed! ”, The president tweeted.

Later that Tuesday, the Department of Justice issued a new sentencing recommendation in which he asked between three and four years behind bars for Stone.

Prosecutors said that the recommendation was online with the sentence indicated by federal law.

“Roger Stone obstructed Congress’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 elections, lied under oath and manipulated a witness“it reads in the 26-page memo.” When his crimes were revealed by the indictment, Stone showed his contempt for this court and the rule of law. “

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Then in another apparent revenge, Trump withdrew Tuesday’s nomination for Jessie Liu to the undersecretariat of terrorism and financial crimes of the Treasury Department, the CNN network reported. Liu was in charge of the Office of the Prosecutor oversaw the case against Stone and his sentence.

This Thursday, Trump returned to the charge against the Justice Department run by Barr.

“Now it seems that the most prominent jury in Roger Stone’s case is remarkably biased. Add that to everything else and it doesn’t look good for the Justice Department, ” the president wrote. The word “Justice” in quotation marks suggested an emphasis that cast doubt on Barr’s work.

In November, Stone was convicted of false statements, obstruction and manipulation of witnesses.

The former advisor, who He has described himself as “dirty cheater”, is well known in conservative circles since the time of President Richard Nixon’s campaign.

Linked to Trump for more than three decades, he also served from the beginning as his advisor during the 2016 presidential campaign and now he considers that this case against him has been opened for political reasons.

Stone has already been convicted by a jury, and now he only expects the judge to impose a sentence. But, after the intervention of the president, the spokeswoman for that jury, Tomenka Hart, criticized what happened through Twitter: “It hurts to see how the Department of Justice intervenes with the hard work that prosecutors have done. They acted with maximum intelligence, integrity and respect for our justice system. ”

Stone’s lawyers reacted by requesting the repetition of the trial, to which the judge, Amy Berman Jackson, refused. Now Trump attacks the jury and, incidentally, against the Department of Justice.

Trump has also criticized the judge, who was the one who imposed the sentence of seven years in jail on his former campaign manager Paul Manafort also for the Russian plot.


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