Prosecutor confiscates eight properties worth $ 1.4 million from former Defense Minister David Munguía Payés | News from El Salvador

The properties will be under the administration of CONAB, while the fiscal entity promotes the process so that they finally pass to the State in the Specialized Court for Domain Extinction.

The Attorney General’s Office intervened this morning eight buildings owned by former Defense Minister David Victoriano Munguía Payés and his relatives. The properties are immobilized under the responsibility of the National Council for the Administration of Assets (CONAB).

Tax investigations indicate that Munguía Payés would have obtained the goods as a result of illegal activities and in an unjustified manner when he exercised his functions as Minister of Defense and Minister of Justice and Public Security, between 2009 and 2018.

The unit for extinction of domain of the Prosecutor’s Office will initiate the process before the specialized court of Extinction of Domain so that they can definitively pass to the State.

The properties are located in San Salvador and La Libertad. In addition to the properties seized, time accounts in the name of the former defense minister were also frozen. The value of the immobilized assets amounts to 1,440,000 dollars, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

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Munguía Payés is accused of illicit groups, arbitrary acts and breach of duties, crimes that were committed within the framework of the so-called “Truce with gangs”.

Last August, Munguía Payés was accused again, but this time together with the former Minister of Defense, and José Atilio Benítez Parada; Y the expresident of the ARENA party, Gustavo López Davidson; for alleged irregularities in the contract for the exchange of obsolete weapons and in poor condition with the company Centrum SA legally represented by López Davidson, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The contract consisted in that Defense would exchange 14,930 firearms, 27,721 magazines, 2,706,472 7.62-caliber cartridges and 9,800 spare parts for a G-3 rifle, in poor condition, valued at $ 2,051,893.00.

In exchange, the Centrum company agreed and delivered two M-71 155-millimeter howitzers, a fire control system, a target acquisition system, measurement equipment, a 20-ton jack, and an automatic pressure greaser. The howitzers are heavy artillery with 155 mm anti-aircraft guns with a range between 11 and 29 km.

Both Munguía Payés and Benítez and López Davidson are on probation.


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