Prosecutor sows doubt about medical procedure

Ante la determination of the high court, taken in a vote of 5 against 4 after a lawsuit presented by the Just Cause movement was studied, came the concept of Attorney General’s Officewhich left several questions in the air.

Daisy Hair He said that the Court’s ruling is a decision that has quite big repercussions for a society that is polarized. Therefore, he said that the “prudent” it would be that the Congress was the scene that gave the regulation and the regulation of the abortion.

In that sense, he asked for caution with the issue and told the citizens and the Legislature to act carefully to adopt the regulation on the interruption of pregnancy.

For the Attorney General, said regulation must include clear options “to safeguard to the greatest extent possible at […] legal right of the life of gestation and at the same time take care of the rights of the surrogate mother”.

Later, at a press conference, she recalled that as a female attorney, she is a mother and a grandmother. “I want to tell you something: I am a grandmother of some nicks [mellizas] premature and in my family we struggled to move them forward”.

Thus, he requested that the position “be the most balanced”.

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Prosecutor asks about the procedure of the abortion

Cabello was concerned about the way in which the action of the interruption of pregnancy of a pregnant woman who is already 6 months old.

In fact, his specific question about the procedure, which he attributed “to the citizenry”, drew attention.

“Will it be a cesarean section? What will it be? Because we have to recognize that we owe that to the scientists, but all that worries me”.

These are the attorney’s statements:

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