Prosecutor’s Office asks Bogotá, Medellín and Calí for explanations for photomultas

In a statement, the Attorney General’s Office indicated that the mobility secretaries of Bogota, Medellin Y Cali must explain if they have breached the ruling of the Constitutional Court (C-038 of 2020), in which it was determined that the tickets for photo fines must be imposed on the drivers of the car, and not the owner of the vehicle.

And it is that according to the control body, several people from those capitals have complained because they have received subpoenas for fotomultas, despite the fact that they were not driving the offending car.

“For this reason, the secretaries have 5 days to present to the Public Ministry the measures taken to avoid the imposition of doubtful or non-existent offenses on citizens“The statement, published below, reads:

Statement from the Attorney General’s Office

The ruling of the Constitutional Court, issued in August of last year, indicated that the owners of the cars are not jointly and severally liable for the photo fines they file against their drivers, for which it demanded that the authorities henceforth check who was driving the vehicle so that person pays the fine.


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