Prosecutor’s Office formally accuses Alex Saab and his accountant

While the Barranquilla Alex Naím Saab Morán fights in Cape Verde (Africa) to avoid being extradited to the United States, the criminal process that the Justice follows in Colombia progresses without many obstacles. This Friday, in a virtual stagecoach, The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation formally accused the 48-year-old man of exercising “alleged illicit financial maneuvers that represented losses to the State and served to increase his assets.”

The accusation, announced for a long time, was made by a prosecutor from the Specialized Directorate of Money Laundering who pointed out that Saab, as legal representative, member of the board of directors and shareholder of the fictitious company Shatex SA; resorted to various maneuvers to try to give an appearance of legality in a “irregular scheme of exports and imports ”.

According to the prosecutor, the company Shatex SA would have been the axis of all the illegal movements that Saab allegedly carried out, with the help of its accountant, Devis José Mendoza Lapeira, who was also accused of participating in the illegal acts that allegedly occurred since 2007, when the aforementioned company registered an unusual economic growth of 923%.

In an accusation letter dated August 25, the Prosecutor’s Office indicated that Shatex SA stopped operating in 2010, since it did not present an income statement in that year or in the following years, for which the accusing entity concluded that it “was used between the 2007-2009 period to carry out unusual commercial operations.”

During this period, the Prosecutor’s Office said this Friday in its accusation, a “double accounting” would have been carried out, since the company showed a financial and operational reality to Dian that was far from the figures that were presented to the financial sector, thus managing to evade taxes.

Likewise, Shatex SA would have supported the exit of more than $ 25,300 million from the country, through supposed payment of anticipated imports, “which never entered the country.” “In other words, it simulated imports to legalize money movements abroad,” said the Prosecutor’s Office.

On the other hand, Between 2004 and 2011, the company headed by Saab would have managed to enter the country, by way of reimbursement of foreign exchange for exports, about $ 33,550 million, which came mostly from Venezuela.

“This criminal scaffolding was sponsored by Mendoza Lapeira, who, supposedly, used his job as an accountant to hide, transform and administer the different illegal activities,” said the Prosecutor’s Office this time.

With the accusation, Saab and Mendoza will have to go to trial for the crimes of: money laundering, illicit enrichment of individuals, conspiracy to commit a crime, aggravated fraud, and export or import

It should be noted that, in the last indictment, the Prosecutor’s Office included the Foreign Trade Bank of Colombia (Bancóldex) as a victim of the alleged criminal actions of Saab and Mendoza, ensuring that Shatex SA requested the “Discount of an Invoice “for a false sale (export) to a customer in Australia, who received $ 410,830,091.10 from Bancóldex, whose payment was never recorded.


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