Prosecutor’s Office issues the seventh arrest warrant against Funes for alleged corruption in the San Isidro bridge project | News from El Salvador

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the project to be carried out in 2013 was valued at $ 8,487,716.94. Along with Funes, his partner Miguel Menéndez and Jaime Ramón Aparicio Mejía, of Guatemalan origin, are accused.

Another case of alleged corruption adds to the history of crimes of former President Mauricio Funes. This day the Attorney General of the Republic issued the seventh arrest warrant against him and three other people.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Funes Cartagena; the businessman, José Miguel Antonio Menéndez Avelar (Mecafé) and the legal representative of the Guatemalan company Servicios Calificados de la Construcción, SA (SERDELCO SA), Jaime Ramón Aparicio Mejía, would be involved in a fraudulent construction project and in which as gift was delivered a plane.

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The crimes attributed to them are: Special cases of money and asset laundering for Funes Cartagena and Menéndez Avelar, while Active Bribery for Aparicio Mejía; as detailed by the Specialized Unit Against Money Laundering, UECLA.

According to the Public Ministry, the legal representative of SERDELCO SA gave Mauricio Funes and Miguel Menéndez the Beechcraft King Air 90-TG ADL aircraft as a gift to be favored with the award of the contract “Construction of the San Isidro Bridge over Río Lempa (Km. 75.5 LIB31N ) ”, A process initiated by the MOP in March 2013.

This bridge would connect the municipality of San Pablo Tacachico, La Libertad, with Nueva Concepción, Chalatenango.

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According to the investigations, the contract was awarded to the Guatemalan company Servicios Calificados de la Construcción, SA (SERDELCO SA), signing it under the design and construction modality on October 10, 2013.

The budget for the design and construction process of the project was for the amount of $ 8,487,716.94.

The investigation determined that Aparicio Mejía gave Messrs. Funes Cartagena and Menéndez Avelar, as a gift, the plane with records -Beechcraft King Air 90- TG ADL- in order to be favored with the award of the contract already described.

Funes Cartagena and Méndez Avelar shared the plane from 2013 to 2016; which they used for family trips to the United States of America, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras and even rented it at $ 1,300 an hour.

Because Funes is in exile in Nicaragua, the judge who knows the process will be informed so that he can carry out the corresponding procedure. Similarly for the Guatemalan, Aparicio Mejía; She will have to be executed by the Judge, since she is currently in prison in her country, facing a process for a similar case.

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Only in the case of Mr. Menéndez Avelar, the National Civil Police was in charge of executing the order. He was intimidated in the La Esperanza Prison.

This is the seventh arrest warrant accumulated by Funes, who lives asylum in Nicaragua.

The other arrest warrants against him are for the Public Looting case and the theft of $ 351 million during his administration; another for alleged bribes to former prosecutor Luis Martínez in the Corruptela case; also for favoring the Italian company Astaldi in the construction of the El Chaparral dam; another arrest warrant for revealing the Suspicious Operations Report in the case of former President Francisco Flores; also a fifth order for tax evasion; a sixth and the most recent, for the truce case between gangs.


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