Prosecutor’s Office removes assets from Munguía Payés valued at more than $ 400,000

It is a residence and land, as well as a bank account with more than $ 42,000. This responds to a request that the Prosecutor’s Office made to the court last June.

The tax authorities have confiscated from the former Minister of Security and Defense, David Munguía Payés, two properties valued at more than $ 400,000, in addition to a bank account for more than $ 42,000.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic has reported that the legal action has already materialized through the Specialized Unit for Domain Extinction, this in line with the judicial process that is being followed by the former official of the governments of Mauricio Funes and Salvador Sánchez Cerén.

“Through the Specialized Domain Forfeiture Unit, @FGR_SV has materialized 2 properties, one valued at $ 300,000 and the second at $ 116,000, as well as a bank account with $ 42,316.03,” the Prosecutor’s Office tweeted in his official account.

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In the information released on Twitter, it does not give more details of the properties that have been taken from Munguía Payés, but they have uploaded images of a house and a piece of land.

This intervention is in response to the request that the Prosecutor’s Office made on June 11, to intervene properties that belong to Munguía Payés and his family group, because he maintains that these have been acquired illegally.

Munguía Payés is accused of money laundering and others related to corruption. In October 2020, the domain forfeiture was applied to eight other properties of the former minister located in San Salvador and La Libertad, including ranches, vehicles and at least ten financial products such as bank accounts, time deposits, among others whose global value exceeds the $ 4.6 million.

Munguía Payés is accused of having negotiated with the gangs to reduce homicides in exchange for prison and economic privileges for the leaders of these criminal groups when he was serving as Minister of Public Security in the Funes government.

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He is also prosecuted for alleged irregularities in the exchange of a batch of disused weapons from the Ministry of Defense for two shells to a company dedicated to the sale of weapons. Munguía Payés is under house arrest.


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