Prosecutor’s Office will also investigate Uribe for massacres in Antioquia

The Supreme Court of Justice reported this Tuesday that he sent the Prosecutor’s office the process that followed the former president Alvaro Uribe for three massacres in Antioquia and the crime of a Human Rights defender in that region.

“Due to the resignation of Congress, # SalaDeInstrucción of @CorteSupremaJ refers to @FiscaliaCol a preliminary inquiry against former senator Álvaro Uribe @AlvaroUribeVel regarding the facts of the massacres of El Aro, San Roque, La Granja and the murder of the defender of #DDHH Jesús María Valle ”, Reported the high court on its Twitter account.

The process began in the 1990s and on December 28, 2000, finally, a restraining order was issued in favor of Uribe during the Prosecutor’s Office of Alfonso Gómez Méndez.

The House Accusations Commission, in turn, investigated the former president in 2008 after the declaration of the late ex-paramilitary Francisco Villalba but he found no merit to pursue the case.

On January 2, 2013, with the testimonies of former paramilitaries Juan Guillermo Monsalve and Pablo Hernán Sierra, collected by Senator Iván Cepeda, from Polo, Luis Eduardo Montealegre’s Prosecutor’s Office revoked the injunction and resumed the investigation.

In November 2014, after the possession of Uribe Vélez as senator, the Prosecutor’s Office forwarded the file to the Court.

In May 2018 the highest court of ordinary justice declared crimes against humanity committed in the massacres of El Aro, San Roque and La Granja, and the one perpetrated against the human rights defender, Jesús María Valle, for denouncing that the Antioquia Government, at the end of the nineties, under the command of Uribe, omitted its duties regarding these killings.

The document adds that “said matter, it is worth noting it, started on the occasion of the complaint of Mr. Jesús María Valle Jaramillo (RIP) for the alleged omissions of the Government of Antioquia in the massacre of the La Granja district in 1996 and later, on the occasion of the complaint presented by Dr. Iván Cepeda Castro and the interviews with Pablo Hernán Sierra and Juan Guillermo Monsalve ”.

The preliminary process against the former president is for the crime of conspiracy to commit a crime for the alleged promotion of illegal armed groups.


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