Prosegur launches a comprehensive global wellness program for its employees

Prosegur has taken another step forward in its commitment to contributing to improving the quality of life of its employees with the launch of Pro360, its comprehensive global wellness program, aimed at its nearly 150,000 workers, located in the 26 countries in which which the company operates.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. In line with this approach, the company is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle among all its employees, understanding well-being from a comprehensive perspective. To do this, the Pro360 program focuses on four basic pillars: physical well-being, nutrition, health and emotional and social well-being.

as explained Juan Luis Martín, Global Director of Human Resources at Prosegur employees are “the essential axis of Prosegur, which is why we consider our contribution to their well-being and quality of life a priority. The goal is to reinvent our daily routine, and this is just the beginning”.

A global and comprehensive perspective of well-being

Prosegur will periodically launch different activities and initiatives within the four specific areas addressed by the Pro360 program:

  • Physical well-being: Various activities will be carried out in this area. In the month of May, for example, the first edition of the Prosegur Digital Race will take place, which will be held simultaneously in the different countries in which the company operates. As a result of this initiative, the Pro360 Running Club, with a dynamic ranking for all employees who practice this activity. Likewise, the organization of local tournaments of different sports is planned, depending on each country and region.
  • Nutrition: Among other actions, employees will be able to access monthly nutritional advice and will have live events with a nutritionist in a “question-answer” format. A cooking contest will also be organized and a Pro360 recipe book will be created, which will include the dishes proposed by the winners.
  • Health: In order to improve the health of its employees, the organization will distribute informative pills on different topics, such as postural hygiene, sleep, psychosocial aspects and road safety, among others. In addition, challenges will be promoted that encourage the incorporation of healthy habits in the day to day of its workers.
  • Emotional and social well-being: Another fundamental aspect for people’s well-being is attention to emotional and social aspects. Among others, different proposals from the Prosegur Foundation will be announced, including cultural activities and volunteering. In addition, global and local initiatives in relation to diversity and equality will be made visible, such as Empowered Womenwith which female talent is promoted, and different actions focused on respect and care for the environment.

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