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Proskuryakova in black vestments met with Pugacheva in a youth outfit

Igor Nikolaev’s wife came to support the grandson of Alla Pugacheva at the theater.

Alla Pugacheva and Yulia Proskuryakova. Photo: instagram.com/uliaveronika/ instagram.com/alla_orfey/

Alla Pugacheva rarely knows how to dryly cooperate with someone, building relationships exclusively in the mainstream of joint creativity.

Most of her friends once worked with her, and then gradually moved into the circle of her trust and became part of the Diva’s house and her personal life. So, Alla Borisovna started working with the dance trio “Expression” in the 80s. And then she had friend Boris Moiseev.

In 1980, she also took the keyboard player Igor Nikolaev into the Recital collective, then glorified his songs “Ferryman” and “Tell, Birds”, however, as well as the author himself. Later, Igor Nikolaev began his solo career and moved to the rank of friends of Alla Borisovna.

The families of Pugacheva and Nikolaev are still friends. And when the grandson of the Prima Donna Nikita Presnyakov first performed the main role in the play “The Nameless Star” of the Moscow Provincial Theater, she was one of the first to hasten to support the People’s Artist and her heir, Yulia Proskuryakov.

Alla Pugacheva at the theater. Photo: instagram.com/uliaveronika/

In the theater, the wife of Igor Nikolaev was captured with Alla Pugacheva behind the scenes, trying on a black outfit. At the same time, the wife of Maxim Galkin chose a contrasting outfit, appearing in public in a white sweatshirt and whitewashed blue jeans.

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