Protecting Q4 works under the precept of “national security” has nothing to do with transparency: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ruled out that the decree published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on Monday afternoon – in which the emblematic works of Q4 are considered national security – is linked to transparency.

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“It is an agreement to streamline procedures and that the works do not stop due to bureaucratic procedures,” said the president. He asked that “confidence can be given to the institutions and companies that are working on the Mayan Train so that the procedures they have to do to carry out the works are more expeditious,” he commented.

“Give them time to present the documentation, with the understanding that companies, agencies of the federal government are governed by principles such as protection of the environment, justice, and they have to be given facilities and they have to be trusted. ”Said López Obrador.

The president affirmed that it is an internal matter between dependencies. “That the Environment help communications and transport or help Fonatur, so that they have a section and do not stop at the work,” he added.

“This has nothing to do with transparency. We are all held accountable. Of course, the right-wing bulletin – which is even lazy to mention it – the Reform, is already talking about the fact that it is not to be held accountable, that there is no transparency, that there is no honesty ”, added the president.

“Can you imagine if Claudio X. González and Minister Cossío put an amparo to stop the Santa Lucía Airport?”, Commented the president.

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