Protest against the “eviction” of a “vulnerable” retired couple in Irun

The platforms Stop Evictions, Alokairu Benta Berri and Inquilinos Azora They have called for a concentration this Tuesday in front of the Banco Sabadell branch on Avenida de la Libertad in San Sebastián against the “eviction by the real estate company of this entity, Solvia”, of a “vulnerable” retired couple, guarantors of the Your son’s mortgage on your home in the Guipuzcoan town of Irun.

The concentration will take place at 11.00 am. The organizers have indicated that Solvia manages the homes that Banco Sabadell obtains, in this case, due to the Mortgage Foreclosure lawsuits urged by not being able to pay the mortgage loans, «as is the case of the son of this couple of guarantors, who guaranteed this loan with their home already paid of a lifetime, and which ended with the delivery of the same in dation in payment and with the signing of a social rental contract for three years, without any extension, which ends on January 24 ”.

The same sources have reported that “they did not appear – they defended in the lawsuit and only when Solvia notified them on September 1 with a burofax that they had to vacate and hand over the keys on January 24” did they contact Stop Evictions.

The platform has underlined that Solvia and Sabadell “have documented the vulnerable situation of this married couple of 78 and 75 years old, accredited by an exhaustive report from the Irun Social Services”, and yet “they have not responded” to the request “Fair” to renew their social rental contract for “seven years with an extension of three.”



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