Protest and arrests in Minneapolis

On the live US Presidential 2020

View of Minnesota.

Several hundred demonstrators marched Wednesday evening in Minneapolis to defend a clear and transparent election, and to continue their mobilization in favor of a reform of the local police force. It was here that George Floyd was killed in May by a white policeman, triggering a wave of national mobilization, sometimes peppered with violence. Left from the old hippie district where Bob Dylan gave his first concert in 1960, near the University of Minnesota, the activists, gathered at the call of thirty NGOs and sometimes come with their families, entered around 8 p.m. on I-94, crippling traffic.

Police quickly surrounded the peaceful protesters, preventing them from exiting the highway and arresting them one after another – a long and arduous task. Taken by bus, they are then released in the city center after being fined for “illegal assembly”. “Walking on the highway is illegal and very dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. We respect everyone’s right to have their say under the First Amendment, but the freeway is no place for that ”, posted on Twitter Minnesota State Police, who made the arrests.

According to Unicorn Riot, which is televising the event live on Facebook, the Minnesota Freedom Fund has promised it will pay all fines. Among those arrested, lawyer Nekima Levy Armstrong, local figure and former candidate for mayor. At midnight local time (7 am in Paris), the situation remained calm on both sides, and the atmosphere was good-natured, with dancing, music, and still many people to stop.

Jérome Chateau (in Minneapolis), blog author So goes Minnesota


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