Protest of the Girona cultural sector to demand direct aid

Nova protest of the cultural sector to claim from the Generalitat “direct aid“in the face of the” critical “situation caused by the pandemic and the restrictions. About fifty people, especially representatives of emerging groups and students of the El Galliner theater school, have gathered in front of the Casa de Cultura They have read a manifesto and written slogans with chalk on the sidewalk in front of the building claiming that culture is “safe”, a “essential good” and also “workThey criticize that they have been left “on the fence and without a future”, with almost no job prospects. The protest has also received the support of Els Diables de l’Onyar, whom the coronavirus has left none of the outings they had scheduled.

The call to concentrate in defense of the sector made by the Union of Activist Musicians of Catalonia (SMAC!), The Association of Performing Technicians of Catalonia (ATEC) and the union of technicians Tecnicat has also had a response in Girona. Here, about fifty people have gathered in front of the Casa de Cultura to read the unitary manifesto and demand more support from the Generalitat.

“We want direct aid for all workers in culture that allow us to live with dignity,” reads the letter that has been read. In addition, the manifesto also calls for the Government to pay “in full” for all actions that have had to be postponed or canceled due to the restrictions of the covid-19 and demands that the approved Interdepartmental Working Table be set up. by Parliament.

“This must be the space where to agree with the cultural unions new aid, measures and future plans for cultural recovery,” the manifesto says. “It must be the tool of collective work that puts an end to the endemic precariousness of cultural workers,” he concludes.

In Girona, the protest has mainly focused on representatives of emerging groups and students of the El Galliner theater school. To express their discomfort, they have written chalk slogans on the sidewalk. Among these, “Culture is safe”, “Culture is work” or “Culture, an essential good”.

“It has been left in the lurch”

Among those who took the microphone during the protest were two 2nd year students of the training cycle taught at El Galliner. “We ask that we be guaranteed a dignified life, because we have been left in the lurch and we see that there will be no job offers,” criticized one of them, Bruna Tomàs. “We have an uncertain future; culture was already going through a bad time, but now it is going through one of the worst moments in its history,” he added.

“We try to move and be optimistic, fight for our future and give ourselves a voice,” said his partner, Selena Griñó. But students also see how their future is, to say the least, uncertain. “I know people who are training like us, but who are already looking for other things; because in addition, to all this is added that the studies are arranged or private, and that if you do not have resources or a family that supports you do not you can access to train as an artist “, laments Tomàs.

Among those who approached the Casa de Cultura to support the sector were also members of the group Els Diables de l’Onyar. They are not professionals, but they have also seen the coronavirus take away all the outings they had planned. Without going any further, those of Fairs (such as correfoc). The group is made up of about a hundred volunteers, of whom there are about forty active.

“We have come to give all the support in the world to companies that are professionalizing, because currently many do not have enough work to survive,” lamented one of the members of Els Diables, Eva Grabuleda. “We are immersed in a pandemic, and in a way some of the restrictions are justified; but we call for measures and an economic cushion behind them for all those who have been directly affected by the closures,” he concluded.


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