Protesters brave Marseille’s curfew to denounce “social disruption”

A few hundred people braved the anti-Covid curfew on Tuesday evening to demonstrate at nightfall, torches in hand, in the center of Marseille, against the “social disruption” and for the strengthening of public services.

The demonstrators who responded to the call of several organizations including the Communist Party and the CGT union intended in particular to denounce the consequences for the world of work of the government’s health and economic choices in the fight against the coronavirus crisis.

“The means are not put into research, prevention or care. And every week, we announce the closure of activities and plans to save jobs which never are”, denounced Olivier Mateu , secretary general of the CGT of Bouches-du-Rhône.

For the trade unionist, mobilization is necessary even during the curfew. “It is nowhere written that the measures taken prohibit social mobilizations,” he argues, claiming to have warned the prefecture. And then, “a torchlight descent is more visible at night,” he laughs.

“Metro, work, sleep, how far will your submission go?” Asked a sign waved at the head of the procession by an activist who harangued passers-by in a hurry to get home: “Hurry up, the virus comes out at 6:00 pm!”.

“We must ban layoffs during the crisis and create an ISF (wealth tax) overhauled to give money to hospitals, to people who have no housing,” suggests another protester, Daniel Bretones.

“Proof of travel for union activities”, published by the CGT, were distributed to demonstrators who requested them to participate in the demonstration and then return to their homes after 6:00 p.m. But the few police officers who followed the procession did not carry out checks.

“When things can be done intelligently, it’s very good,” said Olivier Mateu satisfied.

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