protests in France, incidents in Angers and Rennes

A few thousand people demonstrated in France on Saturday against the bioethics bill called for by the “Manif pour tous”, especially in Rennes and Angers where clashes pitted demonstrators and counter-demonstrators.

Demonstrations also took place in Lille, Bordeaux or La Défense, near Paris, but the main one took place in Angers where around 900 people gathered. A counter-demonstration, authorized by the prefecture, attracted the same number of participants.

Slight incidents broke out between the two camps. According to the prefecture, two arrests took place in the ranks of the “counter-demonstration”.

According to the AFP photographer present at the scene, the police fired tear gas canisters.

Other incidents took place in Rennes, when counter-demonstrators tried to prevent the declared rally.

On the Place Charles de Gaulle, in the city center, about 250 people demonstrated with green flags “freedom, equality, fatherhood”. Some 600 counter-demonstrators, especially young people, tried to prevent this rally, throwing projectiles or chanting “get out of the way!”.

The police attempted to protect the declared demonstration, using the water cannon and launching tear gas at the counter-demonstrators. But with the wind, the gas returned to the declared rally.

“We are very shocked, since (…) the start of the demonstration, we have been attacked by counter-demonstrators. It is the first time in Rennes that there is such an outburst of violence against us”, declared to AFP Hubert des Minières, coordinator of the event and representative of the “Manif pour tous”.

According to the Twitter account of the Ille-et-Vilaine police, three people were arrested for violence against the police, rebellion, contempt and throwing projectiles.

Near Paris, in the business district of La Défense, nearly 300 people according to an AFP journalist spread slogans, among which: “Fatherhood is not an option and motherhood is not an option. service “or” Macron, your law, we do not want it “.

Caroline Roux, Alliance Vita, considered that there was “a risk to women’s health” and said she was against “the conservation of gametes by lucrative establishments”.

“The government should only deal with the health, social and economic crisis,” said Ludovine de la Rochère, president of La Manif pour tous.

In Lille, some 400 people according to the prefecture gathered in the afternoon at Place de la République, in the rain.

“Until now, we talked about the rights of the children. Today, that turns into the right to the child. So I am here to defend the children, because I believe that a child who is born without a father is discriminated against . He has the right to have a father and a mother, “Vianney Cuvelier, a 53-year-old computer graphics designer, told AFP.

Other demonstrations took place in France, especially in Bordeaux in the presence of 450 people, according to the prefecture.

The bioethics bill and its flagship measure, the opening of the PMA to all women, will come back from February 2, at second reading, in the chamber of the Senate dominated by the opposition.

Claiming sixty national rallies for the weekend, the organizers said a demonstration was scheduled for Sunday in front of the Ministry of Health in Paris.

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