Province distances itself from Nation and will continue vaccinating people over 70

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Córdoba will continue to inoculate adults over 70 years of age with the Chinese vaccine, made by Sinopharm. Despite the fact that last Thursday the brand new Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, announced that the million doses that arrived in the country from the People’s Republic of China would be used to inoculate the teaching staff at the beginning of the school year, in our province work with older adults will continue to be targeted.

Sources from the Ministry of Health explained that the vaccination of teachers is very important, but that at this stage they will continue to focus on adults over 70 years of age and then they will continue with educators. In addition, they recognized that dialogue with the Nation is scarce, a situation that has deepened in recent weeks.

“We never received a formal statement or any kind of explanation regarding the announcement made by the new minister. We learned about the latest news regarding the arrival of vaccines through the media. Communication with the nation is very deficient ”, they recognized from Health.

“The Province gives its stamp to work with vaccines. Here we have a great advantage, which is to have a vaccination plan prepared in advance, so we do not improvise. It is not easy to set up logistics when they notify you with less than 24 hours that a vaccine arrives, but we believe we are fulfilling that task based on previous work ”, they added.

The vaccines arrived last Thursday night at the Ezeiza airport. 904,000 doses of Sinopharm arrived in the country and Ezeiza was received by the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, Vizzotti herself, the Chinese ambassador Zou Xiaoli and the president of AR, Pablo Ceriani. For the day of this Sunday 96,000 more doses are expected with which one million units will be completed. In principle, Córdoba would have 40,500 vaccines.

VaccineGate damaged ties. The last 10 days were very difficult in Buenos Aires. Although in Córdoba there were strong repercussions linked to the vip vaccination scandal, nothing compares with what was experienced in recent days in the Ministry of Health of the Nation and that determined the departure of Ginés González García. As if this were not enough, Vizzotti, the new head of the health portfolio, announced last Friday that he tested positive for coronavirus. All these situations deepened the communication problems between Córdoba and Buenos Aires.

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