Proving the origin of the northern lights successfully NASA aims to expand its use of space forecasting

Proving the origin of the northern lights successfully NASA aims to expand its use of space forecasting

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Proving the origin of the northern lights successfully – 8 June CNNReport on the success of scientists in the United States in proving the theory of the origin of the aurora borealis, or the northern lights phenomenon.

Aurora Borellis is a phenomenon of colorful light in the northern hemisphere sky. Although scientists had theorized the origin of such spectacular phenomena. But it hasn’t been proven for centuries.

Such work is the work of a team of physicists from the University of Iowa, USA, which clearly confirms that. The cause of the northern lights phenomenon is electromagnetic waves. Powerful electromagnetic waves during geomagnetic storms

Studies indicate that this phenomenon is also known as Also known as Alfven waves, they are a type of wave formation in plasma physics.

Alphen Waves cause electrons to move faster with a direction towards the Earth. As the particles move, they release energy in the form of light waves that can be seen in different colors. Each color represents a wave of light with different energy levels. become the colors in the sky known as Aurora Borellis

Assistant Professor Greg Howies, from the University of Iowa’s School of Astrophysics, said the electrons oscillate at a faster speed as a result of the Alphen Wave electric field.

“Imagine a surfer. Electron particles are chalkboarders. The wave that kept coming was the Alphen Wave. The surfer moved up and down the crest of the wave again and again. That’s it.”

Proving the origin of the northern lights successfully

Lev Landau

The theory has been proposed by Russian physicist Lev Davydovich Landau since 1946. that the electron theory “surfing” on electric fields, or landau damping (landau vibrations), was a huge contribution to plasma physics. Leading to winning the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contribution to the theory of quantum fluids.

experiment with northern lights

The report stated that Scientists have long understood the mechanism for the phenomenon of northern lights, but this latest experiment is just the first successful simulation of the phenomenon at the Large Plasma Device Laboratory at the Institute of Basic Plasma Sciences. California State University Los Angeles Campus or UCLA

The team used a 20-meter laboratory to simulate the Earth’s magnetic field. It then creates a similar plasma near Earth. Then, using an antenna that emits an alpha wave, it was found that the electron particles were in accordance with the Llandau vibrations. The results of these experiments have excited physicists around the world.

Although such experiments did not produce the phenomenon of northern lights in the laboratory. But the measurements of various devices and computer simulation It was found that these electron particles can reach speeds of up to 72,420,480 kilometers per hour (45 million miles per hour), creating the aurora.

Mr. Petrik Coehn, a scientist from the Solar Physics Unit. (Heliophysics) of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, said the results were very exciting for them. Because there are not many experiments in this genre. That proves theories and models about space conditions, mainly because space is too vast to be simulated in a laboratory.

Mr Koehn said the results would be very useful in understanding space conditions. Because this kind of nature is common in the solar system. Including a space forecasting system that NASA is focusing on developing.

Still a long way to go

Asst. Prof. Howies said that although the results obtained can prove the theory of the northern lights phenomenon. But forecasting the intensity of Earth’s magnetic storms by observing the Sun’s characteristics with space probes remains an unsurpassed challenge.

“We are able to know the connection between electrons exposed to alphen waves. The wave was about ten thousand miles above the earth. The next step is to learn how to predict the level of the Alfen Wave using the probe into orbit,” said Asst. Prof. Howies.

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