Prussia Münster: Spectators arrested after racist insults

At the third division game between Preußen Münster and the Würzburg Kickers (0: 0) a spectator was arrested after racist insults. The man had made monkey noises in the final phase towards the Kickers defender Leroy Kwadwo, it said in a message from Preussen Münster. As a result, other viewers pointed to the man so that folders could locate him.

A police spokesman confirmed to SPIEGEL the insults and said the man had been detained in front of the stadium. He had been taken to the Presidium and was being questioned there. According to initial knowledge, an allegation of sedition is to be filed against the man. According to the police, the man also said to Kwadwo: “Go back to your hole.”

“This is not something that belongs on the football field and certainly not in our stadium,” said Prussian Münster club president Christoph Strässer in the club’s announcement. “We don’t want and need such people here. We clearly distance ourselves from such statements and I apologized to the Würzburgers immediately after the game.” The announcement said that Prussia fans started calling “Nazis out” after the man’s insults.

The Würzburg Kickers praised the reaction of the spectators and the club. “The support of the Prussian fans in the stands was sensational,” said Kickers coach Michael Schiele: “The officials also responded well and dealt with the incident immediately.”

Racist insults by Schalke fans against Jordan Torunarigha from Hertha BSC had recently caused an outcry in the DFB Cup. Racism is always a problem in international football. For example, the England national team’s game against Bulgaria was interrupted twice last October for insults.

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