PS4 upgrade 9.0 update has a serious problem, and some players’ hosts are directly bricked | T客邦

The console system upgrade is to make the console run better, but in the latest version 9.0 upgrade of the PS4 console, there have been some situations that trouble some players. The main content of this upgrade is to display PS5 game trophies on PS4. Optimize functions such as remote gaming and parental control. However, some players responded in the community that they had problems during the upgrade process.

On the Reddit forum, many players said that after the upgrade, they encountered problems such as slow host response, trophy synchronization errors, crashes, and network connection failures, and even the player’s host was directly bricked.

Some Reddit users speculate that the cause of the problem may be a bad track on the hard drive or a problem with the sector. The reason is that this generation of game consoles is equipped with a 2.5-inch mechanical hard drive, which is very easy compared to a solid state drive. Aging over time causes data loss.

There are also some players who said that they upgraded very smoothly and did not encounter any problems. Players who have encountered problems now can only wait for Sony’s official follow-up response. They only hope that Sony will not just focus on developing new features for the PS5 and forget these old players.


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