PS5: a hidden easter-egg in Demon’s Souls would reveal the next and highly anticipated remake of Bluepoint

A strange easter-egg discovered by players of Demon’s Souls could well indicate what is the next project of remake of studio Bluepoint. And beware, it’s heavy!

If the PS5 will not be available until tomorrow for all the lucky ones who have had the chance to pre-order it, or those who are about to jump on the stocks provided by various resellers, the next-gen console was released last week in other regions of the world. And already many players have been able to test Demon’s Souls, one of the major releases accompanying the console. The studio remake Bluepoint Already promises to be excellent if we believe the first reviews, and obviously, it is full of secrets. Among them is a hidden door that was not in the original Demon’s Souls game. The latter arouses a whole lot of speculation, without official answers. But that’s not the game’s only secret or easter egg: A Twitter user may have shared a strange video that raises quite a few questions online.

In this video, we therefore see that in the middle of the game, and while it is in the game’s hub, a strange sound occurs. A sound which, a priori, has nothing to do in Demon’s Souls. And for good reason: many players have noticed that this is exactly the sound that can be heard during the boss fight against Liquid Snake in the first Metal Gear Solid. So obviously, there are many speculations: What if Bluepoint had already started development for a remake of the first MGS? It has been several months since several recognized leakers were able to announce that a remake of the first game in the Metal Gear Solid saga was in preparation, without specifying the studio responsible for the project. If this easter egg is to be believed, it could well be Bluepoint! In any case, it would look good, especially when you see the enormous work done by the studio for this remake of Demon’s Souls …

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