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Yesterday, Europe officially welcomed the PlayStation 5 accompanied by its controller, the DualSense. Already, many players point to a concern of recharging the pad, only in rest mode.

The problem was already spotted a few days ago among Americans. GameRant reported that some PS5 users were facing the inability to charge their controller via the front USB port when rest mode was on. The concern was also discussed at length via a topic reddit.

The solution, for the most part, would then be to use the rear USB port. It is also recommended to check its settings, to ensure that the power supply in standby mode is correctly configured.

Go to Settings> System> Power management> Set functions available in idle mode, and set the option Provide power to USB ports to Always or 3 hours.

Sony has not yet officially communicated on this subject. On the US site of PlayStation, some recommendations are already shared.

The USB cable that came with your PS5 console is a USB Type C to Type A cable. The smaller, rounder end (that goes into the controller) is Type C, and the larger, rectangular end is Type AT.

  • Try connecting the USB cable that came with your PS5 console to a different USB-A port on the PS5.
  • Try using another USB Type C to Type A cable, which is either a “charge and sync” or “charge and data” type. Cables marked as “load only” cannot be used. You can also try a USB Type-C to Type-C cable if you have one.
  • You can also use a charger that conforms to the USB standard if you have one. (Not all USB chargers will be able to charge the DualSense Wireless Controller).

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