PS5: after a break, the stock is back this Saturday (very limited)

As surprising as it may seem, it will be necessary to turn to SFR to take advantage of the stock of PS5. Launched on Friday, this operation was a success: the out of stock arrived in a few hours. This Saturday, the group unveiled a new stock of the PlayStation 5.

Update 28/08 :

SFR announced a flash sale of PlayStation 5 between Friday August 27 and Sunday August 29. However, the PS5 stock ran out on day one. The FAI, however, put a few units back on sale this Saturday morning. If you absolutely want to enjoy the Sony console before the end of the year, this is an obvious choice. But beware because the new rupture is already lurking.

To see the new PS5 stock, it’s here:

View PS5 stock

Since its release in November 2020, the PlayStation 5 has been discreet. It is impossible to get your hands on it on Amazon, Cdiscount or at any other official reseller (store and on the internet). The few units available which arrive drop by drop on the market are taken by storm by the French public. On the second-hand market, new PS5s sometimes sell for up to 3 times their official price.

Faced with this craze, the stock of PS5 which was made available by SFR this Friday left at high speed. be logged in here to secure the new console. If the operator says that the stock could last several days (end of the offer: Sunday 29. August), the first breaks took place on Friday morning. The FAI has added new inventory every now and then – like this Saturday.

To see the stock of PS5 available, it’s here:

View PS5 stock

As part of this unprecedented offer, SFR is offering to subsidize the Sony console. It will therefore come back to you cheaper than if you could have bought it at the official price. For example, the classic PS5 is priced at € 341 (€ 149 + 24 months x € 8) instead of € 499. Likewise, the Digital Edition version will be offered at € 241 instead of € 399.

From this point of view, the case is attractive. That said, keep in mind that SFR is asking for compensation for this gift: you will have to subscribe to its SFR Fiber Power plan, which is its most premium plan. This subscription has a cost since it will cost 32 € for the first year, then 50 € afterwards. Note that the FAI also requires a commitment period of 24 months.

An interesting PS5 if …

If you really intended to go on the SFR Fiber Power plan (to have the best speed and a quality triple-play offer), then you had better go for this Box + PS5 plan. If you just intended to change your internet box, it’s also a good deal: you can always decide to resell the PS5 a posteriori and generate a profit (which will amortize the cost of the fiber subscription).

On the other hand, if you were just intending to buy a new PS5 naked, the interest might be more limited. That said, you will have to check the quality of your fiber beforehand. If you don’t have sufficient throughput, the experience on the game console could be tarnished. You might as well take advantage of this SFR offer to upgrade your installation and ensure the best gaming experience with the least possible latency.

Since Thursday evening, SFR has been communicating a lot about this new stock of PS5 – while the whole world is out of stock. It is obvious that these stocks are snapped up from the first minutes after the device is activated. For those who absolutely want to take advantage of it before Christmas, it is therefore necessary to log in as soon as possible and be (very) responsive during this special weekend.

To access the PS5 stock, it’s here:

View PS5 stock

SFR is a hit, we weren’t expecting it here

After having offered Box + TV handsets, the operator now puts forward a totally innovative offer with the PS5. No other operator did the same, it was a real surprise at the time of the announcement. The group behind SFR shows that it is still a step ahead of the competition with this first offer which combines a box and a PlayStation. It is new and very original.

As we have seen below, everyone has an interest in grabbing this PS5 console in stock. They are so rare on the market that you have every interest in securing one (even if it is to resell it behind). Even if the telecom operator offers other offers on its range of internet boxes, this one with the PlayStation 5 is the most attractive.

But again, the PS5 stock can go missing at any time. If you intend to take advantage of it, you won’t have to wait until the last minute. SFR could not secure thousands of console units (they are rare), they will inevitably break out before the end of the operation. We therefore advise you not to hesitate when doing the test: as long as the order is not validated, the PlayStation 5 is not insured.

To discover the current offer, it’s here:

View PS5 stock

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