PS5 Enhanced Edition is coming? TCL predicts that “PS5 Pro” will debut in 2023, with new highs in specifications and performance!

PlayStation 5, which has been launched for 2 years but has always been hard to find due to various factors, is still seriously out of stock, and every time it is replenished, it will cause panic buying, but the opportunity is also someone else’s… However, the recent display brand TCL announced in the event briefing that the PS5 Pro and the new Xbox Series S/X will be launched in 2023, and said that its computing power and GPU display performance will be fully enhanced.

TCL pointed out that the new console will provide 8K 60FPS output and 4K 120FPS display computing power, and its GPU display performance is comparable to AMD’s next-generation RX 7700 XT, but the RX 7700 XT display chip has not yet appeared, and it may be equipped with performance that surpasses today’s strongest RX 6900. XT, the Navi 32 core of RDNA3.

Although Sony has not officially announced any new console news, as for Xbox, officials have previously revealed that they are already developing new hardware and platforms. Basically, the two companies should launch new models at about the same time. Judging from a lot of news, it seems that PS5 is really not far away from everyone, and the launch time of the previous generation PS4 and PS4 Pro is also three years apart, so there is indeed a good chance to meet the new console in 2023!

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