PS5: error CE-109801-9 and “corrupted database”, initial reports of repeated crashes

The PlayStation 5 was released in 7 countries on November 12, 2020, and millions of gamers already have their consoles at their fingertips. This launch is necessarily accompanied by its share of surprises and problems, such a batch of electronic devices cannot necessarily include non-defective products. And for some players, it is on the system software side that problems seem to appear.

Several testimonies reporta mistake CE-109801-9 indicating the following message:

The database is corrupted, being rebuilt.

Following this, the database would effectively be rebuilt after a load time. The error would occur when the PlayStation 5 is left in sleep mode, and especially when Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is in use. It would also appear during the data transfer from PS4, when the PS5 is disconnected during an action on its software, or even during a simple action on the firmware, such as a time zone change.

To prevent the problem from repeating itself, several solutions have been found by the community, such as updating the console, cutting downloads and restarting it. And when it persists, others have had to reset it to factory settings via system options, but that did not prevent the return of the code CE-109801-9 in several players. Some advise against using USB ports and LAN for external devices after the initial installation, until a future patch, and to avoid the actions listed in the previous paragraph.

The Community Director d’Insomniac Games announced to study the subject, and Sony Interactive Entertainment may already be aware of this problem. Hopefully a future update from the manufacturer quickly corrects this error. Like what, the release of November 19 in Europe will perhaps have a console a little more prowled by us. It is currently not available for pre-order, unlike its games and accessories.

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