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The world is experiencing a complex moment in its history. In addition to being plagued by a global pandemic by the COVID-19In the United States, the social order has gotten out of control of the authorities, leaving many industries even more paralyzed, including the videogames that have not been able to complete the plans that they had programmed for this year.

Even big companies like Sony They have had to postpone some important events, such as the presentation they had for the June 4, 2020. The same company admitted that they are aware of the entire political and social context in which they live. USES for the murder of George Floyd, so they have made the decision to do their event later:

While we understand that gamers around the world are excited to see PS5 games, we don’t think this is a celebratory moment right now and for now, we want to step back and allow bigger voices to be heard.“The company said in a statement published in twitter on 1st June.

However, this has only made gamers around the world look forward to the new games coming in for the new Playstation 5. What other surprises did the company have in store for this event? These are some speculations that the followers of the company would like to see in the official presentation.


Increasingly there are rumors that the company will present alongside Konami a new installment of the legendary franchise. It is known that after all the hype that the Silent Hills of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, none of the companies involved would rest easy as it is an unmissable business opportunity.

It is said that instead of making a new numbered title, this new video game will be a kind of “soft reboot” of the saga, in the same style as those already published Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 of Capcom, which worked very well in the face of international criticism.


As pointed out Hobby Consoles, The former director of Guerrilla Games, Hermen Hulst, has been appointed as responsible for Sony Worldwide Studios, so there would be a great opportunity for the second part of his beloved to be revealed to the public videogame.

Guerrilla already showed Killzone Shadowfall as a launch game of PS4 in their time, and they take three years, from the revelation of the adventures of Aloy, working on his next release for PS5. Could it be a second part or a new IP? Many lean towards the first.


25. Demon’s Souls

25. Demon’s Souls

This company has been well loved by fans for bringing remasters of Shadow of the Colossus and Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection for the current generation of consoles, so it is highly likely that their efforts will carry over to the new generation and present their next work on the PS5.

In fact, in Twitter the study of Texas You have already mentioned that you are adapting a well-known game for Playstation 5, being Demon’s Souls one of the most voiced to receive this treatment in the following console. That or a remake of the famous franchise of Jak and Daxter of Naughty Dog.


It’s known that Activision and Sony have signed an agreement to show the next Call of duty exclusively for the family of PlayStation, but for now there have only been rumors. The usual announcement of Treyarch their next title has taken a long time this year and it is possible that they are saving all the firewood to throw it together with the presentation of the PS5.

Considering the great success that the company’s recent launches have had, both in its mobile version and the Battle Royale, there is also a possibility that they will try to replicate the same success from the beginning with their rumored title based on the Cold War.


Sony He filed a series of patents in recent months related to haptic feedback technology, and the developers have been sparking a lot of innovation in terms of how games feel. It is more than sure that we will learn more details about the games that take advantage of this new technology in the event of Sony.

In addition, and as is customary with the company, it may also bring up some special editions of the new controller of the PS5, between designs, colors, extra functionalities of (if it had) its different editions and a more in-depth view of its in-game behavior.


Sony is still looking to generate enthusiasm for the two most important titles to come during the last days of the PS4so wait it might be announced that The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima have versions optimized for PS5 or that they can directly play the same game on the new console as backward compatibility.

In addition, although the company has not given much detail of what this term refers to or how far it will go, the most enthusiastic ones expect it to be announced that the console will be able to run old games of PS2 or PS1 from the virtual store of PlayStation.


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