PS5: Is the increase in the price of games justified?

Chronic PS5: Is the increase in the price of games justified?

Available tomorrow in France, the PlayStation 5 will be accompanied by launch games, the price of which is the subject of controversy, even if, in Sony‘s eyes, it is the right price. Salomé explains why in today’s Daily.

Mentioned after the PlayStation 5 release date announcement event, the first-party game price had a little crystallized the craze concerning the console. It will cost € 80 to take advantage of, for example, a Demon’s Souls Remake on PS5. If this price increase of € 10 compared to PlayStation 4 games surprised players, it is perfectly fair according to Sony.

A means of entertainment like any other

Salomé first recontextualizes the words of the builder. It is in an interview given to magazine british The Telegraph that Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Entertainment, explains the relevance of the award. He compares the number of hours provided by a game like Demon’s Souls to the pleasure time offered by “any other form of entertainment“.

Salomé then bounces back on the CEO’s remarks. She therefore compares the price of Demon’s Souls to a Netflix subscription … as well as the pleasure given by both.. Salomé also takes the opportunity to compare with the Xbox games which, them, have not planned to evolve upwards …

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