PS5: Nike collector sneakers in console colors soon to go on sale

In collaboration with Sony, Nike will soon release two pairs of sneakers in the colors of the PlayStation 5. Two colors inspired by the new console will be available. The shoes, which are likely to be in limited stock, will retail for $ 110 next May.

If you cannot afford a PS5, you may be able to wear shoes in the colors of the famous console. As part of a partnership between Sony and Nike, two pairs of sneakers in shades similar to those of the latest PlayStation will soon go on sale, reports Phonandroid.

Called PG 5 x PS5, the future sneakers will be available in two colors: one close to Sony’s iconic blue, the other white, like the latest console from the Japanese manufacturer. The shoes will sell for $ 110 a pair and will be available in May.

Probably limited stock

Nike and Sony had already teamed up in 2018 to release PlayStation-themed sneakers. These new pairs should also be produced in limited quantities. Getting it could therefore prove to be as complicated as getting your hands on a PS5, which is fun. Phonandroid.

We still do not know the price in euros of these future sneakers. They should be offered for sale online on certain websites, including Nike’s. PS5 fans will therefore have to stay tuned for any hope of securing a pair.

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