PS5: PlayStation 5 controller, DualSense, now compatible with Steam | SPORTS-PLAY

One of the great generational improvements to the Sony console is the DualSense controller. The features a new controller that introduces haptic vibration technology to gaming; as well as adaptive triggers.

The big question is whether this command can also be used on other platforms. A few weeks ago, the youtuber Austin Evans showed that it is possible to connect the DualSense with Android and PC.

Of course, there are still limitations regarding the use of all the technical features of the controller. Recently, it was confirmed that they have managed to get the DualSense working on Steam.

that the controller is already compatible with the beta version of its platform. Thanks to this software update it is possible to use it without using third-party drivers.

For now, it is noted that the haptic vibration, the touch panel and the gyroscope have not yet been made to work, but the case is already being worked on.

In this Valve release, it is also commented that the Xbox Series X controller is compatible with PC.

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