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Game news PS5: PS4 backward compatibility, what to think about it?

Backward compatibility between the consoles Sony has been the subject of heated exchanges since the previous generation. The PlayStation 4 was indeed the first console of the mark not to allow to play the games of the three previous machines of the firm at the time of its launch. Sure PlayStation 5, backward compatibility is back … but only with PS4 games. What should we think ? This is the subject of our video.

Sony wanted to ensure that 99% of the PS4 game library is readable on its next-gen console, our tests show that unpleasant surprises are nonexistent, or rare. Whatever version of your PS4 disc, the console will play it, except for the titles mentioned a little below. This also concerns dematerialized games. If you insert a disc from an incompatible game, however, you will encounter an error message.

Sony has officially communicated a list of 10 PS4 games which will not be compatible on PS5; we added the “PT” demo of Silent Hills which was initially playable on PS5 during our first tests, but which is not anymore:

As a reminder, the PlayStation 5 has already been available in several regions of the world since November 12, but will not be released in France until Thursday, November 19.

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