PS5: putting the console vertically could destroy it

When Sony officially presented the PlayStation 5, future buyers first pointed out the particular design choice, to say the least, but for more than two years, the console is tearing off like hotcakes and just passed 30 million copies sold worldwide. But maybe there is a design problem.

Wolo indeed sounds the alarm by citing several console repairers, including the French 68Logic et Ben Montanawho warn the owners of PlayStation 5: place the console of Sony vertically could destroy it. How ? Well, because of its somewhat peculiar cooling system. The PS5 does not opt ​​for thermal paste at the processor level, but a liquid metal, normally pressed against the CPU. Except that with gravity, when the console is positioned vertically, this liquid metal would gradually flow out of its location, no longer ensuring the cooling of the processor. And that, regardless of the PS5 model, classic or Digital.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. These repairers receive PS5s (and other machines) that no longer work properly, dismantle them and then observe the damage. The problem of liquid metal wandering around is undoubtedly real, but far from being generalized, millions of users have had their PlayStation 5 upright for months without any problem.… for the moment ? On his side, Sony did not communicate on the subject, but the Japanese manufacturer indicates that the PS5 can be placed vertically as well as horizontally, the base is provided for both positions. And given the size of the beast, the vertical position clearly takes up less space…

As a reminder, PlayStation 5 stock issues will very soon become history, even if the console is still sold by invitation only. via Amazonagainst €549.99.

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