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Updated 12/04/2020 at 2:53 PM

The console PlayStation 5 it is already available in stores. Sony put on sale the first issue of consoles, both physically and in virtual stores; sadly, some users have not been able to purchase it.

In several virtual stores they have had to carry out the sale in batches to wait for the stock of consoles to be renewed. The second wave of PS5 has already passed and the speculator group CrepChiefNotify is reported to have bought 2000 units.

This group from the United Kingdom has reported that it uses bots to make massive purchases in different online stores. In the restock of the consoles, they began to operate to get the consoles at a lower price and dedicate themselves to reselling.

It should be noted that this speculative group also charges users for alerting them to the availability of the consoles and offers bots and tools to acquire the PS5 without queuing online.

Our members are having it easy to buy these consoles. If you are struggling to get one, the simple answer is to join the rest and secure yours through our group ”, reads a statement from the group.

Of course, it is not ruled out that it is a scam. VGC reports that a subscribed user commented to them the following: “It is misleading and effectively false advertising”.

PS5: resellers claim that they have bought more than 2000 consoles. (Photo: Broadcast)
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