PS5: the best launch in video game history on American soil

As usual, the institute NPD take advantage of the first half of the month to take stock of the sales of the video game industry on American soil for the past month. The opportunity for us to see that Sony, even if it fails to dethrone the Nintendo Switch from its pedestal, sets a new record in the history of the industry.

Daniel Ahmad, the famous analyst who regularly shares different figures through his account Twitter provides a quick summary of the situation in the US for the month of November. In detail, we learn that PlayStation 5 is the most successful console launch of all time, although no official figure is currently available. Conversely, even if the Xbox Series got off to a good start, the two machines imagined by the American company mark time vis-à-vis the launch of the Xbox One.

For his part, Nintendo continues at an infernal pace by monopolizing the head of sales despite numerous shortages of machines across the continent. As a bonus, we learn that the machine of Sony is not the only one to successfully launch, because the DualSense is also the best-selling controller of all time at launch.

We remind you on this occasion that even if the PlayStation 5 is currently difficult to find on the market, you can already offer you the revolutionary controller imagined by the Japanese manufacturer in order not to find yourself helpless when the time comes.

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