PS5: the haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers of the DualSense can be deactivated, other accessibility options planned

The accessibility of the consoles and the games themselves to people with disabilities is an important subject for manufacturers. Sony Interactive Entertainment therefore still wants to innovate at this level with its PS5. Already, console next-gen will take the majority of what was offered in terms of accessibility on PS4, whether it is text to speech, color adjustment for the visually impaired, or customization of controls in compatible games.

The PS5 will add it a voice dictation function to write quickly without a virtual keyboard, simply by talking to his DualSense. The option will only be available in US English and British English, Japanese, German, Italian, French and Canadian French, Spanish and Latin American Spanish. Otherwise the Screen Reader will allow the visually impaired to hear the words appearing on the screen. For those bothered by haptic feedback and adaptive controller triggers, both can be reduced or disabled. Finally, YOU promises sound improvements to provide better spatial detection, certainly directly related to 3D audio.

And if you want more, you’ll have to look to the games themselves, the degree of customization and accessibility of the experience depending. settings developed by the studios. While waiting for the reopening of orders for the PS5, the DualSense is available for € 59.99.

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