PS5: the price of the PlayStation 5 would be too high for Sony

Bloomberg reports new information on the PS5. Sony would wait for the announcement of the price of the Xbox Series X to set the price of its console.

Imaginary concept made by a fan

After the presentation of the Xbox Series X in December at the Game Awards, and a simple logo for the PS5 at CES, the gaming world is waiting on the side of Sony to discover its new PlayStation. Especially since some (bad) rumors evoked the beginning of February, the period when Sony presented its PS4 in 2013.

For the moment Sony does not announce anything concerning its next-gen console, and according to Bloomberg, it is also because the firm would be in difficulty concerning the manufacturing price of the PlayStation 5.

Manufacturing price: 450 dollars

Bloomberg was able to question sources close to the design of the PS5, we imagine at Sony. The site indicates that the manufacturing costs of the new PlayStation are currently around $ 450 per unit, which puts the Japanese giant in difficulty, which has yet to announce the price of its new console.

As a reminder, the price that had made the success of the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro in their time, but also of the PS VR, was 400 euros, or 400 dollars in the United States. The cost of manufacturing the first PS4 at launch was estimated at $ 381, which allowed Sony not to lose money on the sale of its console, a rare occurrence for the launch of a console. If we take this example again, the PS5 could be sold at 470 dollars or 470 euros!

Why such a high price?

We had already analyzed that the new generation consoles, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, would be more expensive because of the technological leap announced in these consoles.

According to Bloomberg, the main problem stems from the supply of DRAM and NAND flash memory, which will be used for the console’s RAM and its SSD storage. On the one hand, these two components are also phagocytosed by the rest of the industry, in particular that of the smartphone, and on the other hand, the production lines have recently experienced difficulties which caused a general rise in prices.

The source also indicates that Sony has finalized the list of most of the components of its new console, including the cooling system which would be particularly expensive. The next two consoles promise to be particularly powerful, so it will require an excellent cooling system to be sure to dissipate the heat emitted. Cooling would cost Sony several dollars per console manufactured, compared to less than a dollar for cooling previous consoles.

The question of the price of the Xbox Series X

Internally, the giant would be plagued by a small conflict over whether or not it should market the PS5 at a loss. According to Bloomberg, part of the teams dedicated to video games at Sony would like the firm to align at all costs with the possible lower price of the Xbox, even if it means selling at a loss. Others believe that Sony should be profitable from the launch of the console, as the firm was at the time of the PS4.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

This information fits well with the idea that Sony still doesn’t know the price of the PS5 and is waiting for Microsoft’s announcements to make a final decision.

Microsoft is expected to release new information about the Xbox Series X at E3 2020 in June, including the price of the console.

Sony, for its part, may not wait until then: the firm generally reveals to investors its prospects for the year at the end of April, and organizes a meeting with its investors at the end of May. This will obviously be a crucial point, since the PlayStation represents today the first source of income for Sony.

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