PSG – Angers (2-1): “the day a guy is going to fart …” Paul Bernardoni, the Angevin goalkeeper, asks that we whistle offside faster

Offside is at the heart of the debate, in recent days even more than usual. In the wake of the discussions around Kylian Mbappé’s goal against Spain in the final of the League of Nations, the SCO Angers goalkeeper comes to put a coin in the machine. Just after his family’s defeat on Friday night at the Parc des Princes (2-1), Paul Bernardoni called out loud and clear that the offside was no longer whistled at the last moment by the referees.

Bernardoni is concerned that the refereeing body has been instructed to wait until the very last moment to report them, in particular because of the use of VAR. The goalkeeper fears for the physical integrity of the players who continue their effort when it is no longer useful. He is also afraid for goalkeepers who go into contact for nails. “The day when a guy is going to fart because we are at the bottom,” he protests. If there’s a big injury when the referee already knows it’s offside… Honestly, you have to blow the whistle right away. It is very frustrating. Even sometimes when you score, you wonder if there is a goal. “

“I hope that the errors of the referees will be assumed”

Paul Bernardoni also took advantage of his time in front of the media in the corridors of the Park to put a little layer on the performance of the referees during the short defeat of his family against the private PSG of its South American stars. “It messes things up a bit,” he judges. We, when we make mistakes, I made one last week, we get beaten up. It’s the same thing. We must also assume them, and I hope that they (those of the referees) will be assumed. “

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