PSG Foundation: an “unforgettable” day for women victims of domestic violence

“Goodbye, thank you very much! Slowly, the ten women who had come to spend the day at the Parc des Princes left the enclosure, accompanied for seven of them by their children, aged 1 to 5 years. On this Friday evening, they fold the strollers, put away the gifts received a few moments earlier in a lounge of the stadium from the hands of Irene Paredes, the captain of the PSG women’s team, and get into the bus which brings them back to their home. shelter.

They have just experienced a unique day in their hectic daily life. Victims of domestic violence, they were indeed forced a very short time ago to flee their homes with their children. Without shelter or resources, they were welcomed by the association “Du Côté des Femmes”. Faced with the increase in post-confinement violence, it has created a new type of center which offers women legal, psychological and administrative assistance.

Visit of the stadium, small matches …

Committed for several months alongside the Women’s Foundation, the PSG Foundation wanted to offer an exceptional day to these people in distress. After going to meet them three times a week during the last holidays, the club’s educators therefore welcomed ten women this Friday at the Parc des Princes. Visit of the stadium but also small matches at the foot of the Auteuil bend and question-and-answer sessions with Irene Paredes were notably on the program.

“The goal is that they escape, that we bring them well-being,” says Mina Lamlahi, educator of the club. Even us, it upsets us. We are not used to working with adults. They are very demanding of sports activities. “

Member of the association “Du Côté des Femmes”, Lucile confirms: “This type of day allows them to have fun, to enjoy. These are just women who carry ultra-complex stories. It is really a leisure interlude to exercise and boost your self-esteem a little. “

The initiative at the Parc des Princes could have symbolically taken place on March 8, on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day. But on Monday, UEFA will have already recovered the keys to the Park two days before the round of 16 return against Barcelona. But as underlined by Candice Prévost, the former player today at the PSG Foundation: “We don’t care about the date and we are not here to do the one-shot. We are really in the continuity of what we did last summer in the face of domestic violence. We really want to work on this theme, which makes sense today. “

“This day is a dream for me”

Very sensitive to this cause, Irene Paredes does not hide her emotion. Arrived a little late “because of a longer training than usual”, the Spanish defender immediately mingled in small matches, then answered a few questions with a smile. “These women are not in an easy situation,” says Paredes. What is happening to them is not fair. So, if I can help them change their minds … It makes them feel good, but it makes me feel good too! It also allows us to measure how lucky we are. We don’t realize. Our little problem during the first confinement was the cessation of the championship and training. But the reality of many women is not that. “

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Club educators will now visit the center once a week, where the women, who find refuge there after contacting 3919, spend about two months. “This day is a dream for me, says one of them. I never expected to experience something so wonderful. It’s unforgettable. Everyone is so nice … And then being able to ask questions to a pro player like the captain of PSG, I did not expect it at all! “

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