PSG – Kylian Mbappé maintains the suspense over his future: “I did not make my choice”

It’s the kind of evening that will make more than one PSG supporter sleep a little better. Because Kylian Mbappé took care of giving them a little balm in their hearts. On the pitch facing Lorient already, with an XXL performance concluded with two goals and three assists of the world champion. But also at the end of the meeting, at the microphone of Amazon Prime. Questioned by Ludovic Giuly, Mbappé then admitted that he had not yet decided what his future would be like. “I haven’t made my choice. I haven’t made my decision. I’m thinking because there are new elements, lots of things and new parameters“, launched the former Monegasque for his first position on his future situation since the catastrophic elimination in the Champions League against Real Madrid. And a few minutes later, he gave it a layer in the mixed zone: “If staying at PSG is possible? Yes of course“, he explained before smiling when he raised on his famous “new elements“.

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Free of any contract next June, Mbappé has been fueling speculation for months now. While Real Madrid had already launched an offensive last summer, the striker is announced with insistence within the White House. In Spain, the Madrid media even announce that Real has a verbal agreement for the arrival of the tricolor star next June. But Bondy’s crack swept away this information this Sunday. “I know for people it’s a little latehe acknowledged. If I had made up my mind, I would have said so. I have always assumed. It’s a personal choice.”

Hesitating between the possibility of remaining marked in the history of his club or the desire to discover another universe to continue his progress, Mbappé, who would have received a fabulous offer from PSG to re-enlist, would still be in full reflection at the ‘to hear. “I don’t want to be wronghe pleads. I want to make the right choice. It’s a personal choice. I am not accountable to anyone. I want to make the best decision possible“. And that’s understandable when he has such an enticing career ahead of him.

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I’m in for a great time

One thing is certain in the meantime: the supporters, the club and even the championship who will have the chance to be able to observe it regularly next season will be spoiled. Because they will be able to revel in the prowess of a phenomenon, which seems to have no limit. This Sunday, the impression was thus almost disconcerting. There are indeed 22 players on the pitch, including players from another dimension like Lionel Messi and Neymar. But Kylian Mbappé does not seem to be playing with the same weapons as the others. He is faster, more powerful. More altogether. “Best player in the world? I always wanted to be. To say that I am is a bit presumptuous. Maybe I am or not, that’s for people to say. I try to show what I can do on the pitch. If the players think so, so much the better“, recognized in the mixed zone in the propers taken over by RMC.

With almost every ball taken, the 23-year-old world champion thus splashed with all his class this meeting against Lorient at the Parc des Princes, who woke up over his exploits despite a rebellious atmosphere. As soon as he touched the ball this Sunday evening, Mbappé gave the feeling of being able to hurt the Hake defense with disconcerting ease. His kidney shots were stab wounds in the Breton rearguard. And his sense of the pass took its toll. This is perhaps the most impressive thing about his development this season. If his speed has amazed the world for years now and his first steps with AS Monaco, his altruism illustrates the new dimension he has taken.

Author of 17 achievements in L1 during this exercise – one goal from Wissam Ben Yedder the top scorer in the championship -, Mbappé is already at 13 assists, which makes him the best passer in the elite. Statistics that place him as the real Parisian boss if some could still doubt. And his speeches also go in this direction. Especially when he evokes the attitude of the Parisian public. “Against Bordeaux, they took on some players when we all messed up. It was not worth taking players to task. There, they did not fix. They have the right not to be happy. There it is understandable“, recognized the tricolor international before warning: “We will rely on this match to continue and not fall back into our faults. We have to bring this 10th title back to the supporters.” Still enough to make more than one Parisian fan sleep more peacefully.

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