PSG: Kylian Mbappé’s injury brings Tuchel to the referee

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Mbappe’s injury marks Tuchel the referee

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Superstar Kylian Mbappé was fouled by Loic Perrin.  Etienne's captain saw the red card for the offense after video evidence.  Mbappé left the place with tears in his eyes

Superstar Kylian Mbappé was fouled by Loic Perrin. Etienne’s captain saw the red card for the offense after video evidence. Mbappé left the place with tears in his eyes

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Paris St. Germain can celebrate the second title of the season with the cup triumph. But the victory had a bitter side effect. Kylian Mbappé was badly fouled. Coach Tuchel raged against the referee.

RRecord winner Paris St. Germain has won the French Cup for the 13th time. In a heated final, the team of coach Thomas Tuchel deservedly won 1-0 (1-0) against AS St. Etienne. In front of around 5000 spectators at the Stade de France in Paris, including head of state Emmanuel Macron, the Brazilian Neymar scored the decisive goal for PSG in the 14th minute, who played more than an hour after the red card against St. Etienne’s captain Loic Perrin . Paris St. Germain celebrated the first of 13 cup wins in 1982.

In the turbulent game there were seven yellow cards before the break. Perrin looked for a rude foul on Kylian Mbappé from referee Amaury Delerue Rot (31), but only after video proof. For the 34-year-old veteran Perrin, it was the last game of his career, he trudged off the field and was hugged by all the players. A bitter finish.

The PSG striker also had to be replaced a little later due to the painful injury. He left the place with tears in his eyes. At the end of the second half, the 21-year-old limped back to the stadium on crutches and a thick bandage on his right foot. A diagnosis is still pending.

“The referee didn’t protect our players enough. This is the third game against Saint-Etienne and the third red they are playing in the first half hour. It’s not because they’re tired. This is not good news for us, “said Tuchel.

“He’s there to protect players, not just mine”

Mbappé suffered a big wound. “I don’t know what to say,” quarreled the Paris coach. When asked whether the referee hadn’t given his players the necessary protection, Tuchel made it clear once again: Of course not. It started with a foul on Neymar we got three yellow cards for the foul on Kylian and at the beginning the referee gave one card for the foul on Neymar and will get three because we asked to protect the player. ”

They are not the “same criteria that were applied. I say that to all players. It’s primarily there to protect all players, not just mine. It’s a game for the players and it wasn’t like this evening, “he said.

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After the end of the Ligue 1 season on April 30, Paris St. Germain had been awarded the championship title; this had sparked heated discussions. After the cup win, the Tuchel Club is now battling for two more titles: In the League Cup final, PSG will face Olympique Lyon on July 31. In the Champions League, the quarter-final duel with Atalanta Bergamo from Serie A is scheduled for August 12 in Lisbon.

Head of state Macron was in the arena when the ball rolled again after about four months of Corona forced break in French football. The French President inquired about the badly damaged Mbappé about its condition “It cracked a bit”, he confided to his head of state at the award ceremony. The final was subject to strict health regulations, and it was a fresh start after the controversial cancellation of the championship – this time with a sense of achievement for the Tuchel squad: last year, Stade Rennes had defeated the big favorite PSG in the final.


French President Emmanuel Macron sent Mbappé a few encouraging words before the game


For the French association president Noël Le Graët, the game had a high symbolic value. “The message is positive,” he told the daily newspaper “Le Parisien”. For Tuchel and his team, it was also the start of a hot summer of football, because his star ensemble is still targeting the League Cup and the Champions League. In the League Cup final, PSG will face Olympique Lyon on July 31.

The big goal, however, is the premier class – and this title has top priority for the donors from Qatar. In Paris there is growing confidence that the Tuchel team could play in the premier class this time. “PSG will be hard to beat in the Champions League,” said Le Graët. However, it is questionable whether Mbappé could be involved after this injury.

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