PSG-Leipzig: clashes between supporters and stewards

It should have been the party, but it was spoiled somewhat before everyone went to sleep quietly at their place. Almost twenty minutes after the Parisian victory on Tuesday against Leipzig (3-2), clashes broke out in the Auteuil Tribune, opposing supporters and stewards who came to intervene to stop the fights.

“It started with a dispute between two groups of supporters of the CUP, we explain to PSG. We don’t really know why, but that’s why the stewards intervened. As you could see, there were around forty stewards in the stand, the clashes did not continue outside the stadium ”.

In reaction to the tweet posted on our account this Tuesday evening, some supporters informed us that the beginnings of scuffles had already broken out during the second half in the Auteuil turn. This should continue to feed the subject of security in the stadiums. No injuries are to be deplored according to the club.

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