PSG: Leo Messi package for the trip to Metz

Leo Messi is forfeited for the trip to Metz. This Tuesday, PSG took stock of the medical situation of players affected and diminished by a blow or injury. The Argentinian suffers from a contusion. “Following the blow received on his left knee,” he “had an MRI this morning which confirms the signs of bone contusion,” writes the club on its website. “A new point will be made in 48 hours. “His participation therefore remains uncertain for the reception of Montpellier this Saturday at the Park during the 8th day.

For the rest, ” Marco Verratti has resumed the race today ”, this Tuesday therefore, which supposes that it is too fair for the trip in Moselle. “Sergio Ramos continues his individual preparation on the field”, adds the PSG in a blurred communication which does not allow to consider an imminent return to the competition. Finally, “Ismael Gharbi is in individual preparation. Mauricio Pochettino may say more about these different cases during his press conference this Tuesday at 2 pm.

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