PSG-Metz: “The team died in the locker room, super tired,” breathes Tuchel

After qualifying the match against Marseille “exceptional”, Thomas Tuchel is once again extremely satisfied with the level of his team, which snatched the victory against Metz (18th) in added time.

What did you think of the performance of your team, who had to wait for extra time to win?

THOMAS TUCHEL. I am very proud, it is incredible. We play with Abdou (Diallo) who had not played for a long time, Mauro (Icardi) and Marqui without training. We use too much Ander and Gana, but the effort is still there. This is the most important at the moment. We collected a lot of balls, attacked together, defended together. To stay in this game after Juan Bernat’s injury is incredible. This team has once again shown an extraordinary state of mind, I am very proud. All supporters can be. We deserved to win. At nine against eleven, it’s very, very strong.

How do you explain the lack of efficiency?

It’s very easy, we only played with a real striker, Icardi. Di Maria and Sarabia play in the half-spaces. We play without a striker and without training, we miss it, it’s very clear.

Draxler, who scored his first goal in nine months, will he stay?

We cannot guarantee anything during the transfer window. It’s the key in sport to always be ready, to suffer, to do decisive things. The most important thing for me is that he raced in the box. If he plays with that mentality, he can be a very important player for us. I still count on him. At the moment, we can’t leave any player out. The team died in the locker room, super tired. We have to recover.

What is your view on the sanctions of the disciplinary committee?

Di Maria should speak to the commission? Pff… I am very surprised. It’s better that I don’t say what I think, because I want to be on the bench for the next game. Regarding Paredes, I have never seen a guy who takes a yellow transformed into a red being suspended for two games…

Are you going to pick up Verratti, Kehrer and Mbappé in Nice?

I hope. Verratti and Kehrer had adductor pain, we didn’t take any risks. Kylian is feeling good, he hasn’t had any symptoms, he has always felt good. We will decide on Saturday.

Have you spoken to Neymar since Sunday about the racism accusations?

He explained to me what he had heard. It was the role of the club, to be next to him to defend him. We talk about sports and personal things, but not too much of that.

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