PSG: “Neymar will help us, that’s for sure”, says Thomas Tuchel

The PSG coach wants to take advantage of the trip to Amiens to give playing time to Parisian players injured in recent weeks like Marquinhos.

Do you already have your team in mind for the trip to Dortmund next Tuesday in the Champions League?

THOMAS TUCHEL. Not yet. It is not possible. If Kylian (Editor’s note: Mbappé) is in good shape, he will play this Tuesday, it’s no secret. Navas too. There are guys who are sure to participate. For the rest, I will think after Amiens. Dortmund starts a little now, that’s the reality. But I ask my players to be focused on Amiens.

We understand that you will not take risks in Amiens. But some executives will play, right?

Of course, Angel (Editor’s note: Di Maria) wants to play before a big game. For Marco (Editor’s note: Verratti) and Gana (Editor’s note: Gueye) preserved against Dijon, we will see after training. So yes, we are taking a risk, but it is a calculated risk. We can’t leave everyone at home.

Where is in Neymar? And will he be with the team in Amiens?

He will train this afternoon (Editor’s note: this Friday at 4 p.m.). You see him on the field and wonder why he doesn’t play in matches. But because in training he is more protected than in a match. The risk decreases every day, so we will decide later what we will do tomorrow.

If Neymar does not play at Amiens, he will have been arrested for more than two weeks. Aren’t you afraid of a rhythm problem if he were to participate in the match against Dortmund?

It’s possible. Is it better that he plays (Editor’s note: facing Amiens)? Yes. He was in good shape before Montpellier because he used to play every three days. Whether he plays tomorrow or not, he will not arrive in Dortmund in the best capacity, at least not that of two weeks ago. But he will help us, that’s for sure.

Is it complicated to manage the Neymar case with all the components of the club?

If you ask me as a coach if I want him to play, of course yes. But we decide, together, with the doctors and the player. The player must not be worried about playing. It’s complex, but not complicated. And, in the end, we have to make a clear decision. Against Lyon and Dijon, it was not necessary to take a risk.

What did you think of his trip to Germany Thursday afternoon to respond to a request from a sponsor?

I’ve been aware of it for four or six weeks. The club asked me if it was possible. At that time, he should have played in Dijon, it didn’t happen. But it was already organized with the club.

Do you have the power to prohibit a player from responding to an invitation from a sponsor?

Yes we can. But there are things for the club or for the sponsors that are necessary. We reflect together with the club depending on the weeks with high intensity or not. The coach prefers that all his players rest but it does not happen like that in football.

How is Marquinhos a key player for your team?

Because he helps his teammates a lot in defense or in the midfield. Personally, you know that I prefer it in the middle because it can collect balloons very high, it closes spaces for attackers, and can help central defenders. It’s very fluid with him. He is super reliable and professional. What are we going to do with him against Dortmund? I do not know because it will be a very high level match and therefore difficult for a player who is not 100%.

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