PSG-OM: Did Neymar utter homophobic insults?

A new twist in the soap opera of the week. Three days after the sulphurous PSG-OM, during which Neymar said he was the victim of racist insults from OM defender Alvaro Gonzalez, it is the turn of the Brazilian star to be singled out for remarks deemed infamous.

A tweet, broadcast in particular by a supporter of OM, takes again the images of the Spanish television channel “Gol” which had fun deciphering the spat between the player of PSG and that of OM. If the images broadcast do not confirm the Brazilian’s accusations as to the remarks made by Alvaro, they could however be a little more damning for Neymar.

According to Spanish journalists, we would hear Neymar utter a homophobic insult against the Marseillais.

“Fucking fag” (Editor’s note: put … ped …), these are the words that the Brazilian would have retorted to Gonzalez in response to his first insults.

Is this the story of the watered sprinkler? Neymar had already indulged in this type of slippage before the summer by treating his mother’s companion as a “little queer”. At the time, an LGBT activist filed a complaint against the Brazilian star for homophobia.

Neymar supported by the Brazilian government

The only certainty is that it is now a real fight between the Neymar and Gonzalez clans. While PSG and OM have each officially taken the defense of their player, their nations have also taken up. The Brazilian government of Jair Bolsonaro thus expressed solidarity on Wednesday and denounced the racism suffered by the Parisian, one of the supporters of the controversial head of state. “Faced with yet another case of racism in sport, the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights (MMFDH) is in solidarity with the player Neymar Jr, unveiled a press release. Racism is a crime. “

In Spain, no official voice was raised. On the other hand, Alvaro Gonzalez’s uncle, Manuel Soberon, was questioned by the Spanish channel Cuatro. He ensures that no racist remarks were made by his nephew. “He insulted him by bobo (fool) and not of mono (monkey) […], assures the uncle because Neymar constantly insulted him during the match. He told her he was making 4 euros while he was making 10 million a year. If you look at it from that point of view, they are the racists. “

Legal action planned against the Brazilian star?

José Rodri, Gonzalez’s agent, also came out of the woods on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. On the airs of the Spanish radio Onda Cero, the agent refuted the idea that the Marseillais could have made racist remarks: “Alvaro has an irreproachable behavior during all his years as a professional, he explained during El transistor emission. He has never been involved in such facts before. In no case did he utter racist expressions against Neymar ”.

According to him, not content “to categorically deny any type of racist insult directed at a professional partner”, Neymar “even had homophobic and pejorative expressions against him. “” He is sad, assures the agent. He never had a problem with anyone. It’s not pleasant that you are sent a million tweets with accusations and death threats, pictures of him, his car, etc. It’s going beyond the limits and we have to stop it. For me, it is punishable. “

So much so that Rodri even implied that the case could go to court. “We reserve the right to engage the appropriate mechanisms to preserve the honor of Alvaro,” he explained, adding that he hoped to see the Parisian sanctioned by the institutions of French football.

The conflict, which has been put under investigation, will soon be settled by the League’s disciplinary committee. This Wednesday evening, it will only pronounce on the sanctions imposed on the five expelled from the final volcanic of the clasico at the Parc des Princes.

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